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Icebreakers and games!

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Shoe Exchange Icebreaker 

What You Will Need: A group of teens and an open space 

Set-Up: Instruct everybody to leave one of their shoes by the door.

How to Play: Bring the group into a circle and redistribute the shoes, so everyone has one that doesn’t belong to them. Then, set a 5-minute timer and tell everybody to find the shoe owner, introduce themselves, and have a 2-minute discussion with an announced conversation starter, such as: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

  • What’s your favorite TV show and why?

  • Do you think that life exists on other planets?

#29 Rose, Thorn, and Spaghetti 

What You Will Need: nothing 

Set-Up: This is great for students already familiar with each other. No setup is needed.

How to Play: Go around to each participant and have them share the three main highlights of their day/week/month:

  • Rose: the best thing that happened to them

  • Thorn: something they wish didn’t happen

#11 Bag of Stories 

What You Will Need: A large bag and random everyday items (such as a book, phone, pencil, photograph, chapstick, keyring, snack, etc.). Be sure there are at least as many objects as there are people. 

Set-Up: Place all the objects into the large bag. Then, circle up the group and choose one teen to be the leader.

How to Play: To start the game, pass the bag around the group and have each person reach in to grab one of the objects without looking. Then, the leader begins a story based on their holding object. After a few sentences of narration, the next participant continues the report based on their item. Continue around the circle until everyone has contributed to crafting an intriguing tale based on objects from the bag.

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Common Three Game

What You Will Need: Nothing! 

Set-Up: Divide the teens into three teams. 

How to Play: Each team has 5 minutes to discuss their interests and find three things they have in common, such as:

  • A shared favorite holiday

  • Their favorite subject in school


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