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For catechesis and evangelization, I would recommend the new "Directory for Catechesis" from the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization (2020).

It lays down a comprehensive groundwork for catechesis in three parts: 1) Catechesis in the Church's mission of evangelization; 2) The process of catechesis; 3) Catechesis in the particular Churches. It is rooted in the kerygma and offers the catechumenate model for ongoing catechesis (like RCIA, but for baptized Chrisitans who are not sufficiently evangelized or catechized). It is a bit lengthy, but very helpful in understanding how to incorporate catechesis and evangelization in youth ministry.

The CCCB provides good summary videos: . For those interested in the newly instituted ministry of catechesis, this is definitely a good resource.


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