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An Earth Day/ Ecological Prayer

Spirit & Verse: A Prayer for Holding and Being Held by the Earth -

A Prayer for Holding and Being Held By the Earth

If you are feeling far away from God,

Go outside and sink your fingers into the dirt.

Whether it’s red clay or glacial till,

It was all brought forth by the great mystery of love,

Which set millions of unseen processes into motion—

Wind sweeping volcanic ash across the land,

Time and water compressing tiny bits of rock

Into the symphony of soil you hold in your hands.

Nudge it gently with your finger

Until you can see each individual grain,

Varying ever so slightly in color and size,

For the song of sacred creativity rings out in every place.

Remember: it was just such dust into which God breathed.

Remember: it is the very same God who breathes into you.



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