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Icebreakers and games!

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Fall Youth Ministry Games


Cornstalk Hockey

Ages 8 and up

Form two teams. Give each teammate a cornstalk, broomstick, or tree branch to use as a hockey stick. Use a newspaper-stuffed paper lunch sack as a hockey puck. You’ll need several of these since the game action will shred them quickly. Set a trash can on its side at each end of the play area to use as goals. The object of this game is for each team to get the puck into its team’s goal.

Human-Scarecrows Game

Ages 8 and up

Form groups of four. Give each group paper bags, newspapers, scissors, and tape. Have each group choose a person to “turn” into a scarecrow. Allow 15 minutes for each group to cut and tape the scarecrow outfit onto its person.


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